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The 50 Scariest Books of All Time

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More scary reads to add to the list! I love that these are just in time for a Halloween themed read-a-thon! Bring on the thrills and chills!

16 Libraries to See Before You Die

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Now this sounds like my kind of around-the-world tour!

My shelf is a mess.

Some of the books marked as read I've never even heard of, and several dozen didn't make it through the import (it's not over yet so fingers are crossed). I'll go through an organize the shelf once it's done sorting out the import.


Until then, currently reading Lirael again.


Because, well, it feels like coming home.

This is from the National Book Festival yesterday. I also saw her presentation (which I can describe if anyone is interested). She largely answered questions, but veered off into "I wanted adventure and action and puberty, and I wanted to read about girls". 


Which was a great place to veer off into if you ask me. 


Battle Magic is a lovely book detailing Briar's time before Will of the Empress. However, you get into the heads of Rosethorn, Evvy, and several other characters. I won't say more since it comes out tomorrow.


Long story short, it's a wonderful addition to the Circle of Magic series and is released tomorrow (24 September 2013).

Well, this is awkward.

I attempted to explain that Booklikes was running slowly for me. Then, it ate my post. 


So...I'll be bouncing back between here, GoodReads, and Tumblr until this picks up.